Monday, December 5, 2011


In the weekends I saw this beautiful bright green Lamborghini that was zooming fast. I said to myself 'I wish I had a Lamborghini like that. I really wanted to go for a ride with the person that had the car. When I grow up I am going to by me a car. My dream is to be a Drifter.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Meeting a Alien

Flying in my humongous fast rocket to mars I said to Patrick grab me a coke in the back fridge. As he opened the fridge all the drinks started floating around. We were so bored so we thought of something to do. Patrick had an idea. His idea was if the coke can float the he could just chuck it at me and it will still be floating. Finally we reached mars and we saw some aliens. We went and stayed with them because the was no one else on the planet. That weird sorts of food like green rocks and many more. The place were we where staying was in a massive crater.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I miss camp Benzton

Zipping my yellow and red jacket up, I breathed in like a furious rhino. Running down the rocky beach I said to Lorenzo hurry up. I said to Peter, "Could I please sail by myself?" He said does anyone else want to sail in a single. Logan said yes please I would really like to get the chance to sail single. Peter asked us could you please wait because I need to explain to the doubles how to use the sail. They left and peter told us the instructions. We were lock and loaded and ready to beat them. Peter said let go of the sail if you panic or else you will capsize. I saw one of the girls let go because she nearly tipped over. I was Cruising on the water over taking every one being the first person to reach the beach. Pulling out the center board I jumped out and shouted ya!

Pulling the kayak to the water I jumped in and raced to the pontoon to raft together. Then we paddled to the wharf by a sail boat called typhoone. I was the first person to get to the wharf then we formed another raft. Finally every was here. We split apart and went under the wharfs. We reached stingrays bay and searched for some sting rays.

Monday, November 7, 2011


With a stupendous bang the gun powder blew like a whistle as it made a massive bang.  Wow I said thats a big one, and it was so big that it covered the sky. We had a rampage, and if  you don't no what that is its a massive firework. We put it rite in the middle of the road and stopped the cars. We lit it of and it was like a display

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Holiday Highlight

Zooming on the train that was colored bright shiny blue, the hot iron tracks squeaked like a squirrel. Dad and I were heading to the viaduct to discover more things about our awesome rugby team the All Blacks. The train stopped and we were finally there. I was so surprised when my Dad and I jumped out of the train, because there were so many people. I couldn't wait to go into the big humongous rugby ball because      I heard that there was heaps of information in there. Waiting in the exhausting hot and sweaty line I got so angry because it took for ever. As the line started moving I got happier and happier. Yah I said! We are right up front so we will be the next group in. There were comedians entertaining us so we wouldn't  get bored. The big massive rugby ball could fit two hundred people in it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rugby 7s

Our Rugby 7s won the Auckland champs and then they went to the New Zealand champs. They took out the tournament and also won some shiny trophies. They were presented to them because they are now the NZ champs. A couple of players from each school were chosen for Tournament team. Most of the players in Pt England plays for Mt Wellington Warriors. They played many games and won all of them with very large scores. Charm got many cool tries. I would love to be in the rugby 7s team in the future! Well Done boys!

Warriors Vs West Tigers

Waiting for Simon Mannering to flip the coin, I ran to the kitchen to grab some ice-cream. My mum made an apricot sponge so we had that with our ice-cream. I walked to the lounge so that I wouldn't trip it over. Sitting down on my king size bed I saw the game start. Mmmm, it was a tasty snack. My mum said we were going to enjoy the game with this desert. Benji kicked the ball straight past the posts. What a kick I said to myself. That's a good start to the game.

With lots of determination the Warriors smashed over the Tigers and then Benji stopped the Warriors captain Mannering. Simon Mannering dropped the ball then Benji  picked it up and stepped through the team. He stepped Russell Packer, hit Mallony, zoomed past Kevin Locke and last but not least, passed it out wide to Robbie Farrah and it was an incredible try!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Film Festival: Billy T

Brody and his yellow towel made me laugh so loud that every one could hear me in the cinema. No one could make me laugh except him. I wish I could be as funny as him because I would really like to make every one laugh. Check out his funny video here!

Friday, September 16, 2011

RWC Opening Ceremony

With a countdown starting from ten, my Auntie opened the ceremony with a Karanga. If you don't know what a Karanga is it is a welcome translated in Maori. An amazing haka group came to the center of the field and performed a stunning haka. They were the champions of Matatini and the name of their group is Te Matari O Rehu.

I saw this glowing ball, which this 11 year old boy was using while he was running around on Eden Park thinking he was a famous Rugby player. But by the looks of it he actually looked like a Rugby player. He was smashing all these rugby players that were actually volunteers for the opening.

While running down the line of famous rugby players’ names he saw this shadow. The shadow was Jonah Lomu standing right next to his name. He put the ball down in front of him, and he flew up. He was flying up to this big massive ball. He touched it and held on to the big white ball.

I hope there will be another cool grand opening like that for the next Rugby World Cup.

Friday, August 26, 2011

One News Pt England

The door slid and squeaked like a squriel as Mrs Nua walked in asking us if we wanted to go on the TV One News. Our class were screaming so much because we all wanted to go on tv. We said "yes" and Mrs Nua went to tell Mr Burt. A lady walked into our class room with a news reporter. She sat down next to Billy by our iMacs. She said her lines while the camera lady was filming her. She was practicing her lines over and over. It was funny because Jesiah and I thought she was talking to herself. The camera lady said "are you ready?" and the reporter said "yes", so she said her line. After that she said it a couple more times just to see if she had the right one. It was finished and Mr Burt asked what channel and time it was going to be on. The reporter said its on TV One News, the best channel ever. Most of us heard so we were going to watch it at six o'clock on TV One.
Waiting nervously for the bell to ring for morning tea because the Hammers want to play rugby at Hamlin park. Yah I said to myself the bell went and Mr S sorted out our class while he takes us to rugby with Mr Marks's team the under's. Mr S said to Mr Jacobson that is driving the van I will take some of our boys, so I said can I come with you and he said yes. I got my jersey and told every one in my team to touch it for good luck. After every one finished touching it I went into the toilets and got changed into my gear. After that we sat down and Mr J said a prayer so that we will be safe and have fun. Jumping into Mr S's flash car and of we go. Mr S wanted to show respect to Mr J by driving slowly behind him. He disapeared and we didnt no where he was so we just went the way Mr S knows how to get to the field. We turned into the road and saw the van but the boys werent in there. Going into the park we saw the boys and Mr s was tooting away. We all grabed some gears out of the boot and jogged down the hill to the field. The field was so nice. The unders came with Mr marks and Mr J. With the help of the unders we put all of our bags in the middle of each field to keep our gear . I went and grabbed my mouth gaurd out of my bag and we warmed up. The subs sat down and we done kick of possition's. Then the fowards and the backs split up and practiced our game plan. It was time to play and the whistle blew and we chased the ball because we kicked it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Zealand

New Zealand is a place that has many people of different cultures. New Zealand was named after the first Polynesians that came in their waka. They named it Aotearoa that translates into The Land of the Long White Cloud. They named it this because the first thing they saw was a large cloud covering New Zealand. The treaty of Waitangi was signed in February the 6th 1840. It was signed to bring peace between the Maori tribes and the British settlers who were fighting over the land. It was signed by Maori and the British and some Maori put there moko on the treaty instead of a signature. No other countries have the treaty of Waitangi.

We have four main islands. They are North Island, South Island, Stewart Island and Chatham Islands. Our main cities are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Wellington is our capital city that is well known of the Parliament and the beehive . Wellington is well known because the prime minister lives there .The main languages we speak are Te Reo Maori, English and New Zealand sign language. It is the third populous place in New Zealand

We want to see heaps of Rugby World Cup visitors to come and enjoy the rugby games in Auckland! Please Come visit us at Pt England School!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

At the Life Education Caravan

When we got to the education bus we took off our shoes and lined up tallest to shortest. Walking on the shiny stairs going into the bus I told Jesiah to come by me. He was sitting next to me in a row of four.
When I got in it smelt very very nice. Lynn asked us to line up in fours. The first thing we did was to talk to Harold. When he first got out he was staring at the girls and tried to ask them out on a date! He wanted us to do his homework for him. We said it’s all right and we did half for him. He asked if he could use our library and we talked about a few rules.

Lynn said its time for him to go so we said bye to Harold and it was time to learn. It was a bit obvious what we were going to learn about in the bus because there were a couple of body hints. After a few short minutes we had already finished the first task which was to talk about what healthy food we need to full up our body.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

On the way to the Hoyt's movies, I asked my Nan if she could take us to MacDonald's to have something to eat before we watched KUNG FU PANDA 2. Mm munching on my YUM Big Mac combo with sprite for my drink. I sprinkled some salt over my chips to give it extra taste. We left drinking a banana milkshake. I could tell it was yum because our car smelt like banana milkshake. We were early so we went to get our tickets for the best seats. We got our goodies when we went into the cinema.

Waiting in the long line I tried to push in but I couldn't because there were way to many people. With three more families in front of us I got butterflies because I couldn't wait. I knew it was going to be fun because I had seen some ads of it at home. "Yay," I said walking to cinema 2. Walking in I saw people jumping around on our seat. I asked them if they could move so we could sit down and relax. The lights turned of and every one went crazy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rube Goldberg

Here is my movie that I made about a famous man who made marble tracks.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey did you watch Queensland vs New South Wales? Who do you like the best? My mate Kane and I voted for Queensland. If you didn't watch it kick of at Brisbane may 25. It will be followed by Game Two at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium on June 15. When the final hooter blew I yelled "YAY! THEY WON!" Queensland won 16-12

The Jazzy Bug Band!

This is a description about the Jazzy Bug band. They have spots on there back that are coloured white and wear cool costumes. There are three band members. The first player plays the trumpet, the second plays the drums and the third plays the base. The drummer is in the middle with the trumpet player on the left and the base player on the right. The Jazzy bug band are all wearing some cool glasses to go with their costumes. I think they are cool because they have flash instruments.

My Emotions

This is my Picasa slide show of my emotions at school.


Waiting in the exhausting line ready to beat Mr S on the Daytona Racing machine in the game Zone at Motat. I could not wait until I got my turn on the machine because I thought it was my best activity at Motat. I love racing so I was keen to beat Mr S. "Ya," I said. It is finally our turn waiting for people to finish. I said I'm going to do Manual and Mr S said I will do manual too. His car was blue like the sky and mine was red like hot spicy chillies. Broom Broom went the sound on the machine. Waiting for the green light to go I did a burnout showing off. Ya the crowd went wild watching my burnout. Beep beep beep and the light went green. Broom my car went zooming of and around the Corner I went. Along came Mr S’s car and scrubbed against my car and boom I crashed into Mr S. He was beating me and I tried to catch up but the green car was in my way. I got furious and angry so I solved the problem and went to cut him off. Ya I solved the problem and zoom I caught up to Mr S but he just won!

It was time to leave and we went to go to have lunch. I was Munching on my crispy and crunchy chocolate cookie, with soft chocolate drops. I had a couple of cookies so I sheared it out kind of like a sheared lunch. Walking down the stairs back to the game zone to play street fighter on the two player game machine. I played Jesiah on the street fighter game. I was Ryu and he was Ken. I was in the blue team and he was the red team. I went to options to see what the controls are. While waiting for the man to say fight I warmed up getting ready to fight. The man said fight and I pressed b and c and it put Ken in the lock and it was over. I said to jesiah that was an easy fight and he said he was just going easy. But I knew that he wasn't.

That was a very cool day.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tallest Tower

On Friday 6th May we had a competition. Our competition was to make the tallest tower out of paper by using 1 meter of tape, glue and scissors. It was a very challenging competition because we could only use a little bit of every thing. But I think this was going to be cool because we now know more ideas.

My idea was to make a tripod and put the tower in the middle of it. Studamyer and I tried and tried but it was very hard and tricky. The hardest thing was trying to make the tower stand. Mr S gave us a couple of hints about the paper. His hint was if you bend it it will fall. Our paper wasn't very strong so it made it harder to make a tower. The paper was so mushy that it just felt like a yuck squishy pillow.

With a small tiny tripod I rolled and rolled paper together. Our tower started to get bigger and bigger. As soon as the tower got bigger it started to fall down. I thought I had a good idea so I tried it. It was to cut a little bit of paper and wrap it around the bits that were falling. Studamyer and I were testing and restarting all our ideas. But in the end we failed.

Partly-Cloudy Movie Review.

This is a movie we watched called Partly Cloudy. The characters are clouds and Storks. The Movie took place in the beautifull sky. The Storks have jobs, and they need to deliver the babies to there mum and dad. The main part is when the poor stork had to take the vicious babies like crocodiles and sharks. The cloud was furious and angry. The Stork got sad and left. He came back to his cloud with armor. The story ends in a sad way because he still has to diliver the angry babies.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


On the 13th of june we played rugby. It was a very hard tournament, but in the end we won. It was so cool. We had fun. I brought some money so I bought hot chips. Our first game was against Panmure Bridge. Then Mr S chose the team. He called out our running on team. It was me. I was ready to play and bump people of. I am the Half back for my team, I love my position.

Street Fighter.

Street fighter is a very cool game. I think it is one of the best game in the world. They have very cool characters like Ryu and many more. I think he is the strongest off them all. All of the fighters have awesome moves. They are all strong but Ryu is just to good. Street Fighter made its debut in the arcades in 1987. It was designed by Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto. The player took control of martial artist Ryu who competed in a worldwide martial arts tournament.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camp 2011

On Wednesday excited I was siting with my group, TRUE CREW on the cold breezy hall floor. The year 5 and 6 campers were waiting quietly for our instructions. Then we walked in two lines to the bus and jumped in to head of to ymca pools in panmure to have a swim.

At the hot cooking pools we sat down on the concrete by the water objects watching the year 5,6,7 and 8 camp races in the pool back stroke,Free style and many more Races. After the races we went to get change in the changing room. Then we went to sit down on the grass under the nice breezy tree. Walking down to the pool I jumped into it and then played games.

The next day we went to SKATELAND my favourite activity for camp. Some of the people from True Crew like me went with Matua Heemi in his car to Skateland in Mt Welington in the afternoon to skate. When we got there the rest of the group were still coming while we put our skates on. After putting on our skates we skated to the ring. Just as we skated into the ring the rest of the group came. We were skating for about 10 minutes then played games.


In the weekends I saw these very awesome shoes. They were Nike's air flight and Air forces, that looked cool. I said to myself what shoe should I buy? They all look cool. We went to dress mart. My mum always takes me there because its cheaper. My mum said, "Quick, which ones?" I said give me 10 minutes and I will decide. Time was up and I had to choose. I chose the Nike Air Flights because it had my favorite color on it.

They are the same.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dom Torreto

Dom Torreto is very cool in all sort of ways. He has heaps off movies. He is a movie star. I think he is the best actor in the world. The best thing I like about him is his voice. His voice is vibrating and he is very bulky. The best bit I like of him is the part in fast five when he pulls the volt with a Dodge. He has very cool cars like Dodge Chargers and many more. He is the best driver in the world. He has heaps of skill with cars.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mt Wellington.

On Saturday the 21st of may me and my team played Ellerslie Eagles at Thomson park. Our team were losing in the first half but we never gave up. Their coach put all there big boys on all day. There big boys got tired. As we had the ball the reff blowed the whistle and it was half time. We all jogged of and had a team talk. Then we put all our good players on like me. I was prop and my mate Antonio. He bumped all of our players off and passed it out to the wing. "Yay," I said. We finally got a try. At the end we won 24 to 18.

Monday, May 16, 2011


In the cold and muggy fog weather we warmed our body up ready to play. Our team always start of with a stretch then jog around the full field. Our coach Sam said to watch our under tens to give respect to them. When it was half time we started getting ready to play. All I was thinking about was the game. The U11 spread out on the try line and practiced our D fence. When we run up we say "HOLD SET UP"!!!!! and everyone goes up in a line.

On the 14 of may 2011 my team U11 Mt Wellington played at our home club against hibiscus. They were a very challenging team but we beat them 26 nil. I set one of the tries up because when I got tackled I sore a small gap and flick passed it to my mate Tyrone and he got a try. But that wasn't why we won it was because our prop called Antonio. He is a very big boy thats the best at running. I played second row but i wanted to play prop but at least I got a game.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuhoe Ahurei

On the holidays I went to the Tuhoe Ahurei which was In Whakatane. The Tuhoe Ahurei is very cool because you can watch cool Haka’s. My mum had to work in one of the shops. She made chicken and chips. My Nan owned the store so she gets all the money. While my mum was working I went to watch the haka’s. It was so cool because i got the chance to see all my family perform especially my uncle Toko and aunty umere. They performed in Waimana Kaku,they were awesome.But They weren’t beter then my uncle Tufikaia and Aunty Puao in Ohinemataroa.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Goku grew up in Los Angeles with my mum Merchan and my brother Habaza and my dad Super Goku.Goku's powers are Spure Bom, Instant Transmission, and Flying.He got his powers from his powerful dad Super Goku but he still hasnt told him yet because he wont understand.Well the badys think im not strong but the godys think im the best.My villians are Frezzer and Broly.

When goku and vegeta was training in there gim broly and freezer turned up prepared for a fight because they were angry at vegeta because he had been fighting his brother radits so broly owned up and backed his brother up.Goku said"we shell fight"so Goku said i have Freezer and you can have broly so goku flew to Freezer and spure bomed him so he tried to defend himself but he couldnt so he got nocked over and he was finished of.After that vegeta and goku ganged up on broly they were all around him so he couldn’t escape he was trapped so he got so scared that he flew away.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill is very bulky and very big. He is a very good man and also eats healthy food. Eating healthy food is very good for you because you can run very fast and be bulky. He is the man at every thing especially running it up to all the big people in rugby. Sonny Bill is very skux and has the best abs. He has a six pack. He will always be like that because he trains very hard all day. Sonny Bill plays in the All blacks and always gets a try.

Benji Marshall

Benji is my best runner ever. He can run very fast and bump them of. No one would mess with the man. Benji is very brainy and gets heaps of tries every game. He is the best person to teach you how to flick pass, side kick and grubbers. I am a very big fan of Benji. The west tigers always win because of him. West tigers are my second best team out of the whole entire world of NRL. I wish to meet Benji Marshal in real life because it would be very cool.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jarred Hayne

Jared is a very good person on the field and has the best tricks ever. Hayne is very good at sport and is the best ever. People call him hayne train because he is as fast as a train NOT EVEN!!! Jarred Hayne is very clever on the field and is very good at flick pases. He is one of the best in world leauge.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dan Carter.

Dan Carter is a very intelligent man and has very good skills. He is one of the best kickers but not the best. I think he's very good at sport and he is proud to play in the All Blacks. Its good to be healthy so you can get fit and get all the tries. Being fit is the best ever otherwise you can't keep up with your team. If you cant keep up with your team you will be pretty embarrassed because your all the way at the back.


Hummers are very cool because they are fast and good looking. They have big engines in them, that is why they’re fast. They are good for going off road and over hills. Hummers have big fat wheels and big fat bodies. I think they suit the colour green on them because it looks cool and shines in the sun. With big fat wheels they cruise around town showing off to all the people. It would be cool if you could drift with them. They’re too big to drift but drifting cars can’t go off road and Hummers can’t drift.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The most embarrassing time of my life.

I think my most embarrassing time of my life would have to be going for the try on the league field and tripping over. It was at the best place ever with 10,000,000 people watching me in Mt Smart Stadium playing League for the Melbourne Storm. The only person that was involved was me and my mate Studamyer, which I tried to pass the ball to, but I couldn't because he was too far away. It made me feel very embarrassed because I didn’t get the try before it was Full time. “WE LOST THE GAME!!!!”

Monday, March 28, 2011

Making a link

This is a photo I have uploaded and added a link to it to show were I got it from.

Melbourne Storm.

Melbourne Storm is my favourite NRL Team in the world. I like them because they are very cool and I like there colours of there uniform purple,black and a little bit of white. The Stormers have great people in there team. Even though they lose they still try hard and never give up. They are a very cool team because they always try there best .

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Tsunami.

On Friday there was a major tsunami in Japan that was 8.9 high that caused a lot of damage. It was very sad for the people that lived in Japan because they would have to try escape from the wall of water. There were objects that looked like toys.All the buildings in Japan were destroyed in an instant. I felt very sad about the people in Tokyo that have passed away. Thousands of people evacuated but didn’t make it out. God bless all of the people in Japan.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mad Mike.

Mad Mike is my favourite Drifter and he is also my uncle. He is a very cool uncle and he is also very good at drifting. His car is a Rx8 and it is covered in sponsors like Red Bull,Need for speed and Speed Hunters. Uncle Mike has been to many drift shows. I would like to be like him because he is very cool.

Friday, March 4, 2011


When I was walking to the shops i saw a Lamborghini that looked very cool. It looked very fast as well but i think it was awesome. It had about 20000 horse power. It was the coolest car I have ever seen.

Quad Bike.

Once upon time I sore the most coolest Quad bike in the world that had 100,000 horse power. It was called a can am and I really liked it. They were in all sizes small, medium and large and in all colours. I really like them because there very fast and very cool.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake.

Even more and more people have passed away leaving there families sad. The 6.3 quake struck nine minutes before 1pm yesterday afternoon. There are many buildings that have been damaged and many people that have been injured. I really appreciate the rescuers help.

Fragile and weak the tragic and sad people walk home in bandages and stretchers. There have been many after shocks. I have seen lots of interesting footage on the Internet. While I was watching the news I felt sad and I really wanted to help.

It will be great if you can help by doing things for Christchurch. God bless all the people that are injured. I hope they will be safe.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Goku grew up in Los Angeles with my mum Merchan and my brother Habaza and my dad Super Goku. Goku's powers are Spure Bom, Instant Transmission, and Flying. He got his powers from his powerful dad Super Goku but he still hasnt told him yet because he wont understand. Well the badys think im not strong but the godys think im the best. My villians are Frezzer and Broly.

When goku and vegeta was training in there gym Broly and Freezer turned up prepared for a fight because they were angry at Vegeta because he had been fighting his brother radits so Broly owned up and backed his brother up. Goku said, "we shell fight" so Goku said I have Freezer and you can have Broly so Goku flew to Freezer and spure bomed him so he tried to defend himself but he couldnt so he got nocked over and he was finished of. After that Vegeta and Goku ganged up on Broly they were all around him so he couldn’t escape he was trapped so he got so scared that he flew away.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Reflection

What i have enjoyed this year is camp,museum,movies,trips,writing,songs,rugby and blogs.The thing i have enjoyed learning this year is writing because i have improved.I would like to do more baseball because we play cool games against room15 and we also learn cool techniques.I like learning how to play baseball because its one of my favorite sport and because im good at it.