Monday, November 21, 2011

I miss camp Benzton

Zipping my yellow and red jacket up, I breathed in like a furious rhino. Running down the rocky beach I said to Lorenzo hurry up. I said to Peter, "Could I please sail by myself?" He said does anyone else want to sail in a single. Logan said yes please I would really like to get the chance to sail single. Peter asked us could you please wait because I need to explain to the doubles how to use the sail. They left and peter told us the instructions. We were lock and loaded and ready to beat them. Peter said let go of the sail if you panic or else you will capsize. I saw one of the girls let go because she nearly tipped over. I was Cruising on the water over taking every one being the first person to reach the beach. Pulling out the center board I jumped out and shouted ya!

Pulling the kayak to the water I jumped in and raced to the pontoon to raft together. Then we paddled to the wharf by a sail boat called typhoone. I was the first person to get to the wharf then we formed another raft. Finally every was here. We split apart and went under the wharfs. We reached stingrays bay and searched for some sting rays.

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Crusader said...

Hey Dillon
This writing awesome. I like the part when you say that you went on the yacht and started to beat everyone. This blog post is awesome, keep up the great work.