Monday, February 18, 2013

Bio poem

Child of Loving mum, Teina Mclean
Who loves my Aunty's house, Softball, family and my brothers.
Who hates getting a hiding for being naughty and losing games.
Who wants to go to Barack Obama’s white house and explore it.
Who wishes he could’ve met Michael Jackson and Biggie Smalls
Who is scared of Crab sized spiders.
Who dreams of being Rich and owning businesses.
Who is determined to see Billy Slater and Also West Tigers.
Who values being with my close mates, the Howell family and the NZ_Clan.
Who is proud of Stan Walker for having a good singing career.
Who lives In Ellerslie

I am Presentation

This is a presentation about the things I like, my hobbies and also facts.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cars Cars Cars

Cars Cars Cars

EVO Viii

The ULTIMATE (Evo Viii) also known as The eighth grade evolution. This is one of my favourite car because it is fast and also has an awesome turbo’d sound. The car that I’m writing about is 6 and 5 speed manual. This car has an outstanding perfect body witch soot’s awesome rims such as HKS and many more.

Rx7 / Mad Mike

Mazda Rx7 is a big stand out for drifting because it just slide like a caterpillar. My aunty Toni Cook goes out with Mad Mike Whiddett which is a really good drifter and has won many awards. He is my favourite drifter and is one of the best. I reckon his challenge in NZ is Fanga Dan who own’s a Holden Commodore. The Rx7 is a two door coupe and is impressive on the track, watch Mad Mike’s video’s to find out for yourself.

Thanks for the pictures from Google images.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Learning Goal

My learning goal in the classroom this Term is to be able to improve in my maths and get where I need to be by learning 4 6 7 8 times tables. To achieve my goal I need to work hard and concentrate on what I have been given or doing. I will work as hard as I can and do what I need to do strive to succeed.