Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For the whole of term four Chris has been teaching us how to swim in the pool just out side of our clases door on the court. We are lucky that we have this wonderful swimming pool. My goal was to swim under the water without taking a breath. I wish I could beat Miss King at a race but I couldn't. I have learnt how to swim like a dolphin and I will like to do that again. I have loved our pool at our school and I hope we have it again.
At lunch we have some swimming activities. My activity is water polo. I really like water polo and I would like to do it again. Water polo is like a game of soccer but its in the water and you can only use one hand. Our teachers Mat, Nicole and Ben play for NZ. They taught us how to juggle the ball and pass it side to side. Water polo is very cool to play, but some times you sweat in the hats you wear.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The vicous scorpion lives in the sahara deseret.
As the fearsome and venomous scorpion defends its self by using its large pincers.
After the scorpion kills its prey it injects the venom from it.
With a narow curved tail it stings its prey with the stinger.
Do you think a Tarantula can kill a Scorpion?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As the butterfly flies around it lays an egg on a leaf. The egg hatches and the caterpillar eats heaps and heaps of milk weed so it can turn into a butterfly. It eats milk weed so it has enough energy to turn into a butterfly. It also eats milk weed so when it is an adult butterfly and a bird eats it it will spit it back out.
After the catapilar was full it goes to a tree and hangs up side down and turns into a chrysalis. It hangs up side down for about two and a half weeks until the chrysalis turns black. After two weeks a butterfly pops out of the chrysalis and waits for their wings to dry out then flies away.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Dripping with venom slowly marching the tarantulas fangs covered in blood. It prepares to hunt down its prey. With its razor sharp fangs covered in blood it prepares to ambush its prey. Under the darkness it hunts down its food. As the tarantula sat down he enjoyed eating dinner.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Honey Bee

From one flower to the next the honey bee flits their wings as they collect precious nectar. As the bee appears out of control, its pollen drops on the ground spreading flowers around. Buzzing and spinning, the honey bee collects precious nectar for its hive.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cross Country

Nervously waiting on the cold hard concrete,I challenged my self to beat my mates at todays cross country. The ugly ,whistling, windy weather was so cold, that it was biting my face. Huffing and puffing I sprinted up to the finish line, while the crowd was cheering me on. Just as I passed the line I was ready for a rest after our long and tiring run.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jesse Martin.

Jesse Martin, with a lot of determanation and perseverance was prepared to circumnavigate the world on his boat the Lionheart.

With support and commitment from his family, Jesse Martin was courageous and brave to be able circumnavigate the world.

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world because he was a young and brave man.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jarred Haynes and Dan Carter.

My favourite person is Jarred Haynes because he is awesome player and is very fast. When I grow up I want to be as good and as cool as him. Haynes plays for one of my favourite teams called the Eels. I like the Eels because it has my favourite colours and they are kind of good. I am thinking I might have to go to the gym and train train train to be like him. I might have to do some work because he is fit and very very fast and handsome.
Jarred Haynes is not my only favourite, Dan Carter is too. I like him equally along with Jarrad Haynes because both of them are great. Dan is cool because he can kick the ball from any where and score a conversion.
So my dreams are to be as good as those two amazing players

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Titans vs Warriors

Nervously waiting in the stand and cheering on my favourite league players, I jumped up and down screaming. The team that I was cheering for was the Titans, because I like them.
The Titans kicked off and the wingers sprinted down the line, hungry for the ball. The Warriors took a run and were tackled. Props were bumping people off, but they were tackled too. Sitting on the stand I was wishing that my team would get a try. It was Titans ball, they passed and passed untill the ball got out to the winger. The backs took the ball and pumped and pumped their legs,as they got closer they pased it to the left winger and finnaly it was a try !

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christopher Columbus.

In the 1400s Christopher Columbus sailed west to get to India. Columbus asked all the Kings of Europe if he could have a crew, money and a boat to travel around the world to India. He called the people in the west Indians because he thought he had reached India, but he hadn't, he had reached South America. Christopher Columbus was the first european to sail across to the Americas and return back to Europe.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sailing on the Ted Ashby

It was a windy day, a cold and gale force wind was biting my warm face on the Ted Ashby. When we were on the sail boat we went towards the Harbour bridge with the wind blowing against our clothes. The wind moved the boom left to right. The icy wind was blowing heavily and strongly.
Pulling and heaving with all my might the sails were slowly going up. I struggled as I heaved, pulling the sheet fast with the wind blowing on the sails. I was wondering if the sailors thought it was a hard job, because for me it was.

My Pirate Wordle

This is a wordle about pirates from our stories. It tells you the words we used the most and the least. The words that have been used the most from our stories were Pirate, leg, eye, name, black, captain and big. The least were hook, sword and strong.
by Dillon, Max, Silas

Warriors vs Tigers

The Tigers kicked off and the warriors chased the ball. They caught the ball in the air and bumped people off. The reff called 1! The Warriors played the ball and Steve Price chipped it to Vatuvei, he dove for the line - It was a try! The crowd went wild and jumped up and down.
Warriors kicked off and Kevin Locke jumped up, caught the ball and stepped Bengi Marshall but Locke got tackled after he had side stepped. The ball was played and got passed to our prop. He took the run and nearly got through the Tigers ruck. The ball was played again and passed it out to the wingers, but they got driven back and lost the ball. Kevin Locke picked it up and got the best runaway try ever. The Ref blew the whistle and it was full time.

Michael Jackson Black or White - June 25 2010

Today we made a Michael Jackson movie called Black or White because today is the 1 year anniversary of his death.It was cool making movies and fun.We worked in pairs and planned our things. Once we finished planning we practiced our moves.
What do you think?
by Dillon and Kane

I am making movies Awards

We entered the 'I am making movies' competition, that was run by our Auckland Museum. We won the creative story telling section! This movie is from the Awards evening, held yesterday at the Auckland Museum. You will see here our year 7 Kapahaka group who opened the evening. This is followed by us - the talented Room 14 Actors who were in the winning movie. Thanks to all the fantastic people who helped us with this movie. Click here to watch our movie.

He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata

We made this movie as part of a competition for the Auckland Museum. Lots of schools from all over Auckland entered the competition. We were delighted to find out that we had made the finals. We got to go to the awards ceremony at the museum too. Keisha Castle-Hughes even gave out the prizes!
The idea of our movie is that even though technology has changed throughout the years, people are still the most important thing in our lives.
All of us enjoyed making the movie. We were so excited to find out that we had won the most Creative Storytelling category. We think our movie is just AWESOME - What do you think?
Dillon, Hosannah, James, Kingston P, Mary L, Osana, Ramona

Volcano Erupting - June 10 2010

This is my animation showing me runing across the road while the volcano is erupting.

Iron Brion - May 6 2010

We went to Iron Brion to learn about iron that is in steak and lamb .There were men called Eddie and Iron Brion and a lady named Sarah.We had some cool games in the hall with Iron Brion. I went up and danced on the stage and we all won a prize. We did jump jam and said huu haa huuhaaa. We had burgers with iron in them for lunch.

Sing a Song about Volcanoes - April 30 2010

We are so amazingly awesome that instead of writing stories about our learning we write songs and make movies. It's so much more fun and you know what? We remember more of it too!
by Dillon, Heremaia, Kane, Kingston P

Camp Poem - March 24 2010

Cautiously I went up the steep rocky wall.
Anxiously I skated in the oval ring.
Munching in our tent like we were having a big feast.
Percariously I tip toed passed the crabs to my kayak.
Kindly I helped some people to drag their kayak.
I crept out of my bed but Miss King snapped me.
Nachos were the chips I munched for my midnight feast
Dads were the security for at night.
Naughtily I had a big midnight feast.
Excitedly I jumped out of the van to go skating.
Skating lets you do so many talented things.

Camp Thoughts - March 16 2010

Waka Animation - February 20 2010

Dillon has been working hard on this Hyperstudio animation that shows us the struggles that the Maori had on their voyage to New Zealand.

What makes a Good Pt Englander? February 10 2010

Dillon answers this question in his movie below.

Saturday, July 31, 2010