Friday, April 15, 2011


Goku grew up in Los Angeles with my mum Merchan and my brother Habaza and my dad Super Goku.Goku's powers are Spure Bom, Instant Transmission, and Flying.He got his powers from his powerful dad Super Goku but he still hasnt told him yet because he wont understand.Well the badys think im not strong but the godys think im the best.My villians are Frezzer and Broly.

When goku and vegeta was training in there gim broly and freezer turned up prepared for a fight because they were angry at vegeta because he had been fighting his brother radits so broly owned up and backed his brother up.Goku said"we shell fight"so Goku said i have Freezer and you can have broly so goku flew to Freezer and spure bomed him so he tried to defend himself but he couldnt so he got nocked over and he was finished of.After that vegeta and goku ganged up on broly they were all around him so he couldn’t escape he was trapped so he got so scared that he flew away.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill is very bulky and very big. He is a very good man and also eats healthy food. Eating healthy food is very good for you because you can run very fast and be bulky. He is the man at every thing especially running it up to all the big people in rugby. Sonny Bill is very skux and has the best abs. He has a six pack. He will always be like that because he trains very hard all day. Sonny Bill plays in the All blacks and always gets a try.

Benji Marshall

Benji is my best runner ever. He can run very fast and bump them of. No one would mess with the man. Benji is very brainy and gets heaps of tries every game. He is the best person to teach you how to flick pass, side kick and grubbers. I am a very big fan of Benji. The west tigers always win because of him. West tigers are my second best team out of the whole entire world of NRL. I wish to meet Benji Marshal in real life because it would be very cool.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jarred Hayne

Jared is a very good person on the field and has the best tricks ever. Hayne is very good at sport and is the best ever. People call him hayne train because he is as fast as a train NOT EVEN!!! Jarred Hayne is very clever on the field and is very good at flick pases. He is one of the best in world leauge.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dan Carter.

Dan Carter is a very intelligent man and has very good skills. He is one of the best kickers but not the best. I think he's very good at sport and he is proud to play in the All Blacks. Its good to be healthy so you can get fit and get all the tries. Being fit is the best ever otherwise you can't keep up with your team. If you cant keep up with your team you will be pretty embarrassed because your all the way at the back.


Hummers are very cool because they are fast and good looking. They have big engines in them, that is why they’re fast. They are good for going off road and over hills. Hummers have big fat wheels and big fat bodies. I think they suit the colour green on them because it looks cool and shines in the sun. With big fat wheels they cruise around town showing off to all the people. It would be cool if you could drift with them. They’re too big to drift but drifting cars can’t go off road and Hummers can’t drift.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The most embarrassing time of my life.

I think my most embarrassing time of my life would have to be going for the try on the league field and tripping over. It was at the best place ever with 10,000,000 people watching me in Mt Smart Stadium playing League for the Melbourne Storm. The only person that was involved was me and my mate Studamyer, which I tried to pass the ball to, but I couldn't because he was too far away. It made me feel very embarrassed because I didn’t get the try before it was Full time. “WE LOST THE GAME!!!!”