Thursday, December 12, 2013

Highlight of the Year

This Year has been a great year for me because Mrs Nua didn’t have to clip my ears. Its been pretty lagy but otherwise its been really good. My Highlight of the year is the year 8 camp because it was fun kickback and relaxing. It was so amazing because we got to go on the luge go to the agrodome and heaps more.

My camp Highlight was going on the luge. First you go up to the luge on a gondola. Once you have arrived wait and listen to the instructions. Pull back to stop and hold the handlebar forward to go. As soon as I knew what to do I quickly went zooming down the slippery steep hill. It said slow down because there was a corner. I hugged the left corner and carried on going. Once we got to the end of the track we went on a chairlift to get back to the top. I Managed to hustle me a ride. It was pretty funny because it said on the helmet Once Is never enough.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Camp Sparrow

On a nice beautiful bright sunny day, John, Jack and John and Jacks sister June decided to go camping for christmas. John was reading this outdoor magazine, it said Top ten holiday park, camp Sparrow, has a safe and fun beach, the local shops and obvcause a camp site. He sent a text out to Jack and June saying, I found a holliday park we can go to, check it out its called camp Sparrow. They all met up at John’s house with their gear packed and loaded onto the truck. Off they went with excitement.

They knew they weren’t far from the camp but didn’t know what road it was on. They all saw a big arrow about 50 meters down the road saying camp Sparrow take a right up the big hill. Chuga Chuga Chuga, their old rusty but buty truck went up the steep hill. “Yaaaaaaah” they all yelled, “We're finally here”. They set up their tents and made themselves at home. When they were finished they went to the beach and played volley-ball. “Ouch” June shouted as she touched the black burning hot sand. SMACK!!! as the ball rebounded of Jack’s hand and into the bush. Jack ran to go get the ball and heard someone or something whispering to him, he quickly looked up nervously and scanned the surface but no one was there. He ran back and quickly told the crew.

They were all worried and couldn’t get to sleep so they went for a look. They searched the bush up and down and didn’t see any sign of anything. They wondered if the reception had seen or heard anything but they hadn't. So they went out to town and checked if anything was strange but still no sign of anything.

It was time to go home after a long day until they saw their cousin’s car outside of a shop in town. They wondered if it was so they went into the store. They saw a man who looked like him hiding by they shelves where it said traps. So Jack went left and John went Right. It was him. He said “so you found me aye, I was spying on you because I wanted to come but you didn’t ask me.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first day of school

Today we had 40 minutes to write about our first day of school. From looking at our writing we are going to set some writing goals for the term

The sun was up shining into my eyes through the tiny small windows in room 12 as I had to introduce myself. “Hi my name is Dillon” I said nervously, thinking that the students was going to laugh. After all it wasn’t too bad and I felt pretty comfortable too.

“It’s time to do some writing” M’s Mckinley said to all of us. I was pretty scared because I didn't really get taught that well from the previous school. It was really nerve racking, not knowing what to do. But as soon as she turned around and walked to me I felt even more scared not knowing what she was going to say. She asked me “do you have much experience about writing” I replied “not really” then she goes “well ok thats alright thats what this lesson is going to be about”. Ring!!! Ring!!! the bell went for morning tea. “Well have to do writing after morning tea” the teacher said.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Multiplication in Parts yr6-2

A story teller has 85 one dollar coins which he must share equally between 5 bags. How many coins should he put in each bag?

Multiplication in Parts yr6-1

A school ordered 9 packs of stickers. There are 52 stickers in every pack. How many stickers do they have in total.

Springbok Tour in Nz

“1 2 3 4 we don't want no Springbok tour”!!! cheered our united protest team. We held banners proudly in the air as we marched through the rampage. It almost felt like world war 3. We weren't allowed in the stadium so we ended up ripping the netting of the fence and raiding the field. All sorts of cans were getting thrown at us half full and full. We proudly carried on cheering at the top of our lungs.

Get of the field, the rugby fans shouted with frustration but we still held our mana as we were sitting down. A couple minutes later the police showed up and to be honest I was sacking it. I memed to myself I hope I don't go to jail but they didn't look like they were going to be nice so I ran and gapped it down the road. “Im safe” I said to myself.

The reason why all of this happened is because of the Springbok tour. I really didn't think they should have come because it caused a whole lot of drama and it also divided the county. I blamed it on Mr Muldoon (Nz Prime Minister)  because he was just selfish and just wanted votes. He didn't even care about blacks in South Africa not being able to vote.

After all the marching, fighting (RAGE) and more the protesting was all a success stopping the Hamilton game. I felt proud and well supported the whole way. We all cheered happily and walked away like nothing happened.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A farmer has 4 paddocks and 88 sheep in each paddock. How many sheep does he have. He has 352 sheep. Lave, Tana and I.