Thursday, December 12, 2013

Highlight of the Year

This Year has been a great year for me because Mrs Nua didn’t have to clip my ears. Its been pretty lagy but otherwise its been really good. My Highlight of the year is the year 8 camp because it was fun kickback and relaxing. It was so amazing because we got to go on the luge go to the agrodome and heaps more.

My camp Highlight was going on the luge. First you go up to the luge on a gondola. Once you have arrived wait and listen to the instructions. Pull back to stop and hold the handlebar forward to go. As soon as I knew what to do I quickly went zooming down the slippery steep hill. It said slow down because there was a corner. I hugged the left corner and carried on going. Once we got to the end of the track we went on a chairlift to get back to the top. I Managed to hustle me a ride. It was pretty funny because it said on the helmet Once Is never enough.

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