Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For the whole of term four Chris has been teaching us how to swim in the pool just out side of our clases door on the court. We are lucky that we have this wonderful swimming pool. My goal was to swim under the water without taking a breath. I wish I could beat Miss King at a race but I couldn't. I have learnt how to swim like a dolphin and I will like to do that again. I have loved our pool at our school and I hope we have it again.
At lunch we have some swimming activities. My activity is water polo. I really like water polo and I would like to do it again. Water polo is like a game of soccer but its in the water and you can only use one hand. Our teachers Mat, Nicole and Ben play for NZ. They taught us how to juggle the ball and pass it side to side. Water polo is very cool to play, but some times you sweat in the hats you wear.