Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cant wait for the HOLIDAYS

This is our last week
This week is the last week of term 2, do you know what that means...... HOLIDAYS, I so can’t wait till Friday. I’m trying my hardest to finish all my work so I don't have to catch up next term.  This seems like a smart thing to do, don’t you think?

What I’m going to do on the holidays
These holidays I'm going to my uncle's farm in Te Awamutu. Aka, TA. I always go there because I LOVE it, and when I grow up I'm going to own one. I can't wait to go this Saturday, and hit the road.

When I get there I will probably spend a couple of days on the farm, Then , Jean , the farm owner and my nana , Koinaki , my uncle, and My other nana, the border and I, are going hunting. When I go i'm going to prepare and suit up with all my gear so I can get that pig like nothing.

Monday, June 11, 2012


These awesome shoes are called Nike free run's and I reckon, they are really cool!!! I want to see how they make these because it would be very interesting to me. "One of my wishes would to be the top boss of the Nike company".

My favourite part of this shoe is the beautiful colours that blend together like a peace of piccaso's art , except there not crooked. If I ran the colour would look like fast lightning leaving burn marks. Since I have these but a different colour I no how light they are. They are called free runs because there very light and they do there job.

If I brought these flash shoes I would probably look after them like its gold, witch would be very precious to me. I would scrub, rinse and polish them so they look spick and span.

Edited By: Raihan Mohammed

My Favourite Picture

This week we have been assigned to take a picture of our favourite place, and write about it. Everyone gets a turn of taking their photos, around the school or outside of the school. I took my picture outside of school.

One of the reasons why I took this picture of a horse is because it is at one of my favourite places, my uncles farm. Horses are one of my favourite things to ride as well as patting them, brushing and many more.

I like this picture because the horse called JAKE looked frustrated and funny. Another reason why I like it is because his ears were pointing up like an arrow, but also the background suits the horse. My favourite part is the angle I took it.

Edited By: Kingston Lagitupu

Friday, June 8, 2012

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

This term the einsteins, hillarys, gates and trumps have been given a novel to read and write about. The trumps which is my group, novel that has been assigned for us is Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. The amazing author of this novel I'm about to write about is Rick Riordan.

First of all i'm going to tell you a little bit about it and if I like it or not. Well it's all right but sometimes it gets boring. The main characters are obviously, Percy, Nancy Bobofit / kleptomaniac and Mr Brunner/ wheelchair man.....

Driving on the old school, school bus to the field trip, Mr Brunner rode on his flash shiny wheelchair from the back of the bus, growling one of the kids. All the kids were singing the wheels on the bus because they were so happy to go on the field trip. Soon then he spotted Nancy also known as kleptomaniac, stealing a peanut butter sandwich. “Mr Brunner said to himself what is she going to do with that”. Using all her strength she threw it right at the boy on the other side of the bus. Eww everybody shouted, he said to himself  I actually like this.

They arrived on their sixth grade field trip at the art museum in manhattan to look at ancient greek and roman stuff. Mr Brunner the leader of the trip that was also the latin teacher, entered the massive museum with all the kids. Wow everybody said, lets go and explore!!!!! 

Edited By: Jesiah Timoteo