Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cant wait for the HOLIDAYS

This is our last week
This week is the last week of term 2, do you know what that means...... HOLIDAYS, I so can’t wait till Friday. I’m trying my hardest to finish all my work so I don't have to catch up next term.  This seems like a smart thing to do, don’t you think?

What I’m going to do on the holidays
These holidays I'm going to my uncle's farm in Te Awamutu. Aka, TA. I always go there because I LOVE it, and when I grow up I'm going to own one. I can't wait to go this Saturday, and hit the road.

When I get there I will probably spend a couple of days on the farm, Then , Jean , the farm owner and my nana , Koinaki , my uncle, and My other nana, the border and I, are going hunting. When I go i'm going to prepare and suit up with all my gear so I can get that pig like nothing.

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