Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This holiday I went to Tauwhare marae for a maori holiday programme, which my aunties and uncles ran. If you dont no were Tauwhare it's a place just out of Hamilton? I went because I've always wanted to meet all my couzins. The funny thing about maori holiday programmes is that its unorganized.

There were so many activities that we participated in like haka, sports, flax, bread making, farm, caving and many more. All of these activities were so cool. My favourite activity was the farm and haka.

Learning a new haka is always challenging for me but awesome. The haka we learnt was Ki oki oki ehe. It was a really cool haka. My favourite bit of haka is the actions because they look really cool.

One of our best activities out of everything was going to the farm. When we got there we had a karakia/ prayer. Then we split everyone into groups. Our first rotation was killing the pig, for the hangi. First we had to move the pigs into the small paddock. Then my grandfather shot it with a 22. Then he stuck it with a knife aka bleeding it. After the blood went out we carried it up in the old rusty wool shed. We hung it up with a hook and singed the hair. Our day was finished and we went back to the Marrae.

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