Thursday, July 26, 2012


The 2012 London olympic sport i’m about to write about is Judo, but first of all i’m going to tell you about and what our writing assignment is. Our assignment is to write about a summer olympic sport that you don't know about, as you can see I have choosed Judo.

Did you know that the meaning of judo is gentle way and is a martial art. The main focus is to take down or throw to the grown by grappling maneuver and make an opponent to submit by strangle, hold or choke. Even now they still do this type of blood sport.

This paragraph i’m going to talk about Judo’s culture. The famous culture that's behind judo is Japanese but has similar techniques, which was found in chinese martial arts. So of course the culture is chinese.

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Darius L said...

Hi Dillon,

Wow! Judo is a pretty cool sport I wouldn't mind trying out Judo someday but I think I wouldn't be very good at it. Anyway this was a very good post. Keep up the good posting.