Friday, July 20, 2012

My Hobby

My hobby is farming, riding horses and motorbikes. I love these because every holidays I go to an amazing farm and learn how to do these favourite interests of mine.

The first hobby I'm going to write about is farming. First of all the owners of the farms are Uncle Chris (dairy milker) and Uncle Gene, who leases the Mamakumaru farm which is looked after by the Tainui trust. My favourite farm is my Uncle Chris’s because my cousins and I always milk the cows, but unfortunately, I don't go there much. My Uncle Gene’s farm is cool but I prefer Uncle Chris’s.

Riding motorbikes is really cool because you can go EXTREMELY fast on them. Both farms have two motorbikes each. My favourite bike is the shiny red honda crf 230 f, because it has a smooth clutch and it is fast. My second favourite is the lightening blue suzuki xt250.

My mum gets so angry at me because I keep on saying, " I so can't wait until the next holidays!!!"  
Know you no what I get up to in the holidays.


Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Dillon, It's been so long since I got the chance to ride a horse but every time I do I love it, does your uncle Gene know you prefer your uncle Chris's farm? :p

You might want to look at the difference between know for knowledge and now for time.

Keep writing :) Mr. Hutchings

Tevita said...

Hi Dillon

that is some good writing about your Favorited hobby. you have some interesting words in your story. Keep up the good work.

Marvin said...

Hey Dillon,

I think this piece of writing is awesome because you have put 3 of your favourite hobby's and wrote about 2 of them. Does your uncle Gene know that you like your uncle Chris's more than his??? Anyway Keep this up and you will do good during the year =].