Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first day of school

Today we had 40 minutes to write about our first day of school. From looking at our writing we are going to set some writing goals for the term

The sun was up shining into my eyes through the tiny small windows in room 12 as I had to introduce myself. “Hi my name is Dillon” I said nervously, thinking that the students was going to laugh. After all it wasn’t too bad and I felt pretty comfortable too.

“It’s time to do some writing” M’s Mckinley said to all of us. I was pretty scared because I didn't really get taught that well from the previous school. It was really nerve racking, not knowing what to do. But as soon as she turned around and walked to me I felt even more scared not knowing what she was going to say. She asked me “do you have much experience about writing” I replied “not really” then she goes “well ok thats alright thats what this lesson is going to be about”. Ring!!! Ring!!! the bell went for morning tea. “Well have to do writing after morning tea” the teacher said.