Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Week

Last Friday my mum, brother and I went down the line to Waimana. Waimana is a small place out of Whakatane, where my Koro lives, population around 700. We left about lunch time after packing our stuff and putting it in the car, for my Aunty's birthday. As we got on the motorway I spotted this car to the right speeding in the middle lane. My brother and I fell asleep for a couple of hours, eventually we woke up before we were finally there. “Wow", I said, "that took long as”!!!

Unpacking our stuff into the spare room, we fell asleep after a long sleepy drive. Waking up in the morning ,I yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my aunty Te Rangiataahua. We cleaned up our beds and packed for a day at Rotorua pools, because that is her favourite place to swim. We arrived at the stinky smelly place (ROTORUA). As I walked into the changing room, I nearly slipped over on the slippery slimy floor. I walked to the pool and dived in making a humongous splash. Then I jumped out because it was freezing cold. I decided the spa will be a better choice. As I slipped in the spa, there was a sign that said this pool requires a coloured band, I said to myself "lucky my mum brought one". We spent a couple more hours at the pool then we had lunch and went back home to Waimana.

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