Wednesday, August 29, 2012


There are people wondering why facebook is so famous, “yeah why is it famous”. Its famous because Its a addicted site where people get obsessed about it, like posting messages that are bad or even bad photos.

There are so many people that are under aged who has a facebook page. Of course because you'd, probably want to talk to friends and post photos all of that but you have to be over 16. Its easy to make an account but really theres about a 90& out of 100 people who have one under aged.

I believe if you have an account you would have to be cyber smart and make sure what you post is sensible, remember it goes out to public to see, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN SOMEONES WATCHING. You should never ever say bad things or else maybe you might not get a job when you grow up.

I want every under aged person to dellete their facebook account because you might not know about the rules or you may post and not have noticed it was bad. You should stay in school and always strive to succeed

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