Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beep Beep Beep!!!!

One of the most known way to test your fitness, (beep test), many people use this test, like Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake who olympians. Beep tests are one of the main test that New Zealand rugby 7s uses. Heaps and heaps of people use this test, not only to see how fit you are, but to keep fit!!!

Last Friday we went out in the freezing cold air, prepared to set the goal. As soon as we got out there, Miss V told us the instructions. She asked who has done it before and no one put there hand up except for Dee Dee, so she explained to him.

All the explaining and instructions had been finished, and it was time for the test. I said to myself “man I should have brought my runners”. The first beep went and I paced myself jogging slowly to the 20 metre line. As soon as I got there I timed myself so that when I get there the beep will go. Richard jumped out then kingston hopped out, after that it was level 3 number 7, and I jumped out. “Man was that tiring” kingston said in a tired voice.

It was ALL over and everyone was buggered. Miss Vaafusuaga aka (Miss V) called out the results, Jephte got the highest score in the end. The funny thing was “I struggled to walk back to class”, “hahaha giggling to myself”.

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