Saturday, August 18, 2012


The ultimate , supercharged engines in muscle cars rumbled loudly, cruising down the main street of Miami!!! Vroom! Vroom! As the lady hit the music, boom boom, out came everyone for the mob (dance crew). Everyone around them that weren't a part of the crew, were stunned. “Who are these people?” they asked each other, “And what are they doing?” The most amazing part was when three cars moved hydraulically, while people are jumping on them. UP AND DOWN!!! A man apart of the mob, places glass in the middle of the road, tagging the mob during the middle of this chaos.

They're mixed up in an art centre, camouflaged into the art, looking like theres nothing there but there is. People are walking past and they give them a huge fright, by moving. Then every art moves and does really really cool types of dancing. Theres this girl witch is one of the leaders girlfriend and everyone follows her around, they follow her into this black room with sparkling highlighted jellyfish floating in the air and ballerina dancers.

The mob is walking in black with suitcases, amongst normal people, in the bank. They stop what they are doing and freeze, after a while the whole group walks down the elevator doing awesome moves. While another group apart of the mob performs their part, “man its awesome” my mum said while we were watching it.


Swinging their spark sticks around, everyone looked at them. “What's happening” said the mayor of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Then they formed a circle and the mob danced to show how frustrated they are and that they didn't want to lose their neighbourhood. Then they looked up on these huge massive containers, there were a couple of people standing up on the tallest one. Down they went and people freaked out, NEKMINIT!!! there was a trampoline, they were doing all sorts of moves, like backflips, forward flips and many more.

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Dorothy said...

Hi Dillon, I have enjoyed reading both of your Step Up posts this evening. I am very impressed by the informative and entertaining writing. As I have not watched either of those movies you have filled in the gaps for me.

Thanks very much

Mrs Burt and family (I read them aloud to my family)