Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rowing Olympics

The rowing in the London olympics, has been an absolute success, winning five medals, 3 gold and 2 bronze. The gold takers were Mahe Drysdale, who took out the single sculls, Nathan Cohen and Joe Sullivian (double sculls).

Rapping the thick heavy blanket around me I changed the channel to 135 to watch Mahe. Shouting out to my mum I said “can you bring me some Ice - Cream please” with an angry voice. The green light went off and off they went zooming in the water looking like a jet. Czech Republic were nearly there and my mum said “yeah it's they're going to win”, and I said “wait they're in front”, “and theres 2 meters to go”. “Yay we won” I shouted yelling the whole household out.

Mahe Drysdale the best olympic rower of all time, which is also my favourite rower. There are heaps of reasons why I like Mahe, but the most important reason is because he is determined and strong. Mahe is well known for, the rowing in olympics and is always keen to win next time. Man as soon as he won the single sculls he poured out a tsunami of tears.

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