Friday, August 24, 2012


First of all i'm going to tell you about paralympics, para aka, paralyzed means that a part of someone's body or, someones whole body is paralyzed. They can't really feel it. I'm amazed what these people can do and that they can do olympics, they are awesome. I've researched about these three type of sports i'm about to write about.

If you were watching cycling you’d think, what are these people riding because they're peddling with there hands!!!. My opinion is, they’re cool bikes and infact I want one because they look challenging but hard. Watching the women's road race, “man maybe I don't want to do that, because you will have to be ULTRA strong”.

The mens Blade 100m sprints who were ready to take of “I said to my bro I wonder how they feel” He replied back with a quiet voice “YEAH”. Bang of they went, zooming down the track with a blanket full of people cheering “Yahhh”. The winner of that race was a man called Oscar, who could barely talk after that round.

Bang!!! the wheels of the wheelchair hit together. A lady from USA, United States of America had the ball in her hands SMACK! of the backboard “yahh” the crowd shouted, “man these girls are skilled what a hell of a 3 pointer it was” my little brother said. After a while the score was 6 something and It was over the final score counts. Low score but super awesome game.

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