Wednesday, September 5, 2012

With the fammz

Around lunchtime saturday my brother mum and I went over to our Aunt's place, Crystal, to see what's she doing. Turning up to the driveway the border of the house said Crystal’s not here. We drove away and who do we see turning up to the driveway, Crystal. As they jumped out I shouted “hi” to “Crystal”, her nieces and my cuzzie Golden, whos really funny and cute. We played some games until dark. Walking inside I screamed “owww my legs hurt”. Crystal and my mum went out, we stayed home with lorayne and tilly, (her nieces). We fell asleep in bed with the Ipads.

We all woke up and had got ready to go to m9 laser strike. My mum didn't come back home cause she stayed at her mates house so we were waiting for her to come. While we were waiting we brought out the boxing gloves and had some spas. Finally she turns up and we drive to laser strike.We were walking into the place and it was packed with a whole lot of people. We walked around the corner to play laser tag. The man at the counter said “were booked for the whole day sorry. Walking out I thought of an idea, “how about we go to megazone”, “the one by sylvia park”. All of us agreed and off we went.

Arriving at megazone I said to my mum “thats ur old work aye” “yup” she replied, liked she missed it. We walked in and MANN it was packed with heaps of people. We went up to the counter “is laser strike availible” asked Crystal, the man at the counter replied “Yes you can pay now and go in to play if u want”. My mum said “thats a deal she said. We paid and walked in. The first thing we done was went into this dark gloomy room and watched and video on how to play. After that a man lead us to another room to gear up. We split into 2 groups of 2 and one group of 3. My team was yellow which was a group of three. We ran rapidly fast away to KILL the other opponents.

Our game was finished and we went to hansan for lunch. We met our uncle there. We walked in as a group of 8. We were waiting for a table for about 5 mins then we ordered our lunch. I had a p08 a01 which are my favourite meals. Waiting about 10 minutes for our food we decided to play a game, which was eye spy. “Finally” our food is here said my uncle. “Yum” “this is delicious” my brother said. We were all full and ready to go.

We met up at Crystals house to play some games. We put up the basketball hoop and played
shoots. It was getting dark so we went home after that awesome day. Thanks for having us Crystal I said in a polite voice. Our day was over and off we went to sleep.

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