Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snapback Mafia

These are what you call, snapbacks. They're called snapbacks because at the back of the hat theres a thing that snaps, “hahaha”, “Im sorry I can't describe it better”, “well anyway”. This Is just my intro so I'm only giving a little information. They’re are popular in the United States and even Australia.

Well really a snapback is a simple hat, but theres a plastic strap across the back, which is called a snapback. Heaps of people wears them, sells them and even makes a collection of them. There are all sorts of types of snapbacks like, carpet material , sharktooth and og aka original.

There are many many brands like, Mitchell & Ness and New Era , which is short for National Rugby League. My favourite brands from 1 to 2 are Mitchell & Ness, New Era and . I like Mitchell & Ness because its really popular and there aren't many fakes. There are heaps of fakes. The chinese copyright these brands and “I think they should stop it”.

I like love snapbacks because they’re awesome and the are pure sWAG. Swag is a remix name of cool. I have searched up, who invented the snap back but Google says no particular person invented it. But in Philadelphia 1804 there was a company assembled, which was Mitchell and Ness who invented a type of brand of hats.

I'm already saving up for this previous hat and I hope I get it. This one of my dream accessories.

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