Friday, September 28, 2012


“Yes I have been waiting for this moment!”  Tomorrow I am going to start my first training for Boxing. When I start, I'm going to be so happy. I am really looking forward to my first training.

I reckon Boxing is the best sport to become strong and fit. It’s one of my favourite sport’s besides softball and Rugby League. I believe If you train hard you'll become a good Boxing. Another reason why I think It’s a good sport is because you learn heaps of techniques and moves.

I so can’t wait to do this awesome sport because I really want to be fit and Bulky, like my uncle. My mum said “you have to behave yourself If you want to be in this sport!!!” I briskly replied “yes mum”. “Mum when does my training start” I asked, she said “this Thursday son ” “I shouted yahh”

After my first training I'll be so proud of myself for doing what I wanted to do and because I attended it.

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