Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dream Shoes

These are the latest high cut edition of Adidas, and are currently one of the most popular b-ball shoe on the market. Even the man himself, Lebron James, wears them. I have one thing to say, "Man, these are great!!!"

The lightning red, black and white puma hard courts are my favourite shoes, even though I don't have them, I still think there ULTRA awesome. They're made of heaps of materials and cost 180$. These hard courts suit the streets and suits the beats, I reckon, "they're made for dancing".

My favourite part of the shoe is the BOLD text across the back (ADIDAS). I like it because its big witch has the chance to stand out. It puts heaps of detail to the back which hooks you in, to buy them.

This week i'm going to be good to my mum so she can by me these. I hope she buys them, If she does, “i'll be back to write another story”.

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Anita - Manaiakalani Education Trust said...

Hey Dillon
I agree, these shoes are cool. I hope you get a pair of these too.
take care