Friday, September 7, 2012

With the fammz

At lunchtime on Saturday my brother, mum and I went over to our Aunt's place for lunch, her name was Crystal.

As soon as we arrived the border of the house said "Crystal’s not here". Driving away, guess who we saw, my aunty and cousins. They hopped out of the car and I shouted “hi” to Crystal, and also to her nieces and my cuzzie Golden. Walking inside I screamed “owww my legs”. Crystal and my mum went out, we stayed home with Lorayne and Tilly, (the nieces). We fell asleep in bed with the IPads.

We got woken up to go get ready for M9 (laser strike). We were waiting for my mum so we brought out the boxing gloves and had some spas (a few friendly rounds) . She turned up and we drove to M9. As we walked into the place it was packed with a stack load of people. We escorted around the corner to play laser tag. “Were booked for the whole day, sorry" said the keeper of m9. Striding out I thought of an idea, “how about we go to Megazone”, “the one by Sylvia Park”. All of us agreed but my brother.

"We're here, at Megazone", I said to my mum “ thats your old work aye” “yup” she replied. It sounded liked she missed her old job. We walked in and MAN it was like a blanket full of people in there. We went up to the counter, “is laser strike available?” asked Crystal, the man at the counter replied “Yes you can pay now and go in to play if you want”. Mum said “thats a deal. We shuffled into this dark glowing room and watched a video on how to play. We split into 2 groups of 2 and one group of 3. My team was yellow which was a group of three. We ran rapidly fast away to KILL the other opponents.

It was all finished, we went to hansan for lunch. We met our uncle there. We walked in as a group of 8 waiting for a table for about 5 mins. We ordered our lunch. I had a p08 and an a01 which are my favourite meals.  “Finally our food is here" said my uncle. “Yum” “this is delicious” my brother said. We were all full and ready to go.

We met up at Crystals house to play some more games. We put up the basketball hoop and played shoots. It was getting dark so we went home after that awesome day. "Thanks for having us Crystal" I said in a polite voice. After a long day we were all tired, so off we went to sleep.

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