Friday, February 15, 2013

Cars Cars Cars

Cars Cars Cars

EVO Viii

The ULTIMATE (Evo Viii) also known as The eighth grade evolution. This is one of my favourite car because it is fast and also has an awesome turbo’d sound. The car that I’m writing about is 6 and 5 speed manual. This car has an outstanding perfect body witch soot’s awesome rims such as HKS and many more.

Rx7 / Mad Mike

Mazda Rx7 is a big stand out for drifting because it just slide like a caterpillar. My aunty Toni Cook goes out with Mad Mike Whiddett which is a really good drifter and has won many awards. He is my favourite drifter and is one of the best. I reckon his challenge in NZ is Fanga Dan who own’s a Holden Commodore. The Rx7 is a two door coupe and is impressive on the track, watch Mad Mike’s video’s to find out for yourself.

Thanks for the pictures from Google images.

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