Friday, October 28, 2011

My Holiday Highlight

Zooming on the train that was colored bright shiny blue, the hot iron tracks squeaked like a squirrel. Dad and I were heading to the viaduct to discover more things about our awesome rugby team the All Blacks. The train stopped and we were finally there. I was so surprised when my Dad and I jumped out of the train, because there were so many people. I couldn't wait to go into the big humongous rugby ball because      I heard that there was heaps of information in there. Waiting in the exhausting hot and sweaty line I got so angry because it took for ever. As the line started moving I got happier and happier. Yah I said! We are right up front so we will be the next group in. There were comedians entertaining us so we wouldn't  get bored. The big massive rugby ball could fit two hundred people in it.

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