Thursday, September 22, 2011

Warriors Vs West Tigers

Waiting for Simon Mannering to flip the coin, I ran to the kitchen to grab some ice-cream. My mum made an apricot sponge so we had that with our ice-cream. I walked to the lounge so that I wouldn't trip it over. Sitting down on my king size bed I saw the game start. Mmmm, it was a tasty snack. My mum said we were going to enjoy the game with this desert. Benji kicked the ball straight past the posts. What a kick I said to myself. That's a good start to the game.

With lots of determination the Warriors smashed over the Tigers and then Benji stopped the Warriors captain Mannering. Simon Mannering dropped the ball then Benji  picked it up and stepped through the team. He stepped Russell Packer, hit Mallony, zoomed past Kevin Locke and last but not least, passed it out wide to Robbie Farrah and it was an incredible try!

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