Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tallest Tower

On Friday 6th May we had a competition. Our competition was to make the tallest tower out of paper by using 1 meter of tape, glue and scissors. It was a very challenging competition because we could only use a little bit of every thing. But I think this was going to be cool because we now know more ideas.

My idea was to make a tripod and put the tower in the middle of it. Studamyer and I tried and tried but it was very hard and tricky. The hardest thing was trying to make the tower stand. Mr S gave us a couple of hints about the paper. His hint was if you bend it it will fall. Our paper wasn't very strong so it made it harder to make a tower. The paper was so mushy that it just felt like a yuck squishy pillow.

With a small tiny tripod I rolled and rolled paper together. Our tower started to get bigger and bigger. As soon as the tower got bigger it started to fall down. I thought I had a good idea so I tried it. It was to cut a little bit of paper and wrap it around the bits that were falling. Studamyer and I were testing and restarting all our ideas. But in the end we failed.

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