Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Waiting in the exhausting line ready to beat Mr S on the Daytona Racing machine in the game Zone at Motat. I could not wait until I got my turn on the machine because I thought it was my best activity at Motat. I love racing so I was keen to beat Mr S. "Ya," I said. It is finally our turn waiting for people to finish. I said I'm going to do Manual and Mr S said I will do manual too. His car was blue like the sky and mine was red like hot spicy chillies. Broom Broom went the sound on the machine. Waiting for the green light to go I did a burnout showing off. Ya the crowd went wild watching my burnout. Beep beep beep and the light went green. Broom my car went zooming of and around the Corner I went. Along came Mr S’s car and scrubbed against my car and boom I crashed into Mr S. He was beating me and I tried to catch up but the green car was in my way. I got furious and angry so I solved the problem and went to cut him off. Ya I solved the problem and zoom I caught up to Mr S but he just won!

It was time to leave and we went to go to have lunch. I was Munching on my crispy and crunchy chocolate cookie, with soft chocolate drops. I had a couple of cookies so I sheared it out kind of like a sheared lunch. Walking down the stairs back to the game zone to play street fighter on the two player game machine. I played Jesiah on the street fighter game. I was Ryu and he was Ken. I was in the blue team and he was the red team. I went to options to see what the controls are. While waiting for the man to say fight I warmed up getting ready to fight. The man said fight and I pressed b and c and it put Ken in the lock and it was over. I said to jesiah that was an easy fight and he said he was just going easy. But I knew that he wasn't.

That was a very cool day.

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