Sunday, August 21, 2011

At the Life Education Caravan

When we got to the education bus we took off our shoes and lined up tallest to shortest. Walking on the shiny stairs going into the bus I told Jesiah to come by me. He was sitting next to me in a row of four.
When I got in it smelt very very nice. Lynn asked us to line up in fours. The first thing we did was to talk to Harold. When he first got out he was staring at the girls and tried to ask them out on a date! He wanted us to do his homework for him. We said it’s all right and we did half for him. He asked if he could use our library and we talked about a few rules.

Lynn said its time for him to go so we said bye to Harold and it was time to learn. It was a bit obvious what we were going to learn about in the bus because there were a couple of body hints. After a few short minutes we had already finished the first task which was to talk about what healthy food we need to full up our body.

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