Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting nervously for the bell to ring for morning tea because the Hammers want to play rugby at Hamlin park. Yah I said to myself the bell went and Mr S sorted out our class while he takes us to rugby with Mr Marks's team the under's. Mr S said to Mr Jacobson that is driving the van I will take some of our boys, so I said can I come with you and he said yes. I got my jersey and told every one in my team to touch it for good luck. After every one finished touching it I went into the toilets and got changed into my gear. After that we sat down and Mr J said a prayer so that we will be safe and have fun. Jumping into Mr S's flash car and of we go. Mr S wanted to show respect to Mr J by driving slowly behind him. He disapeared and we didnt no where he was so we just went the way Mr S knows how to get to the field. We turned into the road and saw the van but the boys werent in there. Going into the park we saw the boys and Mr s was tooting away. We all grabed some gears out of the boot and jogged down the hill to the field. The field was so nice. The unders came with Mr marks and Mr J. With the help of the unders we put all of our bags in the middle of each field to keep our gear . I went and grabbed my mouth gaurd out of my bag and we warmed up. The subs sat down and we done kick of possition's. Then the fowards and the backs split up and practiced our game plan. It was time to play and the whistle blew and we chased the ball because we kicked it.

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