Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Reflection

What i have enjoyed this year is camp,museum,movies,trips,writing,songs,rugby and blogs.The thing i have enjoyed learning this year is writing because i have improved.I would like to do more baseball because we play cool games against room15 and we also learn cool techniques.I like learning how to play baseball because its one of my favorite sport and because im good at it.

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Miss K said...

Happy New Year Dillon.
You are right, you are very very good at baseball. You can read the game well and think about what needs to happen next. I hope that you keep playing baseball and represent Pt England as a year 6 next year.
Thank you for your amazing contribution to our museum movie - your song blew me away. You have a real gift for music and I hope that you focus on that in the years to come.
Miss King