Friday, November 9, 2012

The catch of the day with the boys

The sun was as bright as a full beam light on a car, so Rex decided to pick his mates up who are brothers, John and Cliff. Are you ready to go fishing boys?” said Rex, “Yup!!! I sure am replied John.” Cliff said nervously “I'm not sure because this will be my first experience”.

“It’s a big fish boys, look at my line it’s pulling so hard”

announced Cliff. “I don't think I can handle it.” Cliff got pulled into the deep blue sea with the wild fish. “ Calm down and don't panic” yelled Rex.

“Just stay in there and we'll send out a life ring”. Wooosh!!! Rex sent out the life ring. The boys grabbed a hold of the rope and Rex counted to three “1 2 3 pull with all your strength. Since there were three boys fishing on the boat it was easier to pull Cliff in.

The boys were so exhausted, so they rushed back to Rex’s house and the brothers went home in there own car. Cliff had the catch of the day. The next day they had the best breakfast ever.

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