Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saturday Softball

“Batter up” the umpire announced. Strike!!! the ump yelled and that was one strike for me. I said to myself “I'm just going smack like I meant it” and what happened.......

As I was running to base one my mum told me to carry on to base two. I hit the ball far but man that girl on that other team had a really strong arm. I yelled energetically “get me home Blade”. SMACK!!! the ball went to the other field while I was running home boom! and I landed on the home plate. Blade made it to base three. It was Alamein’s turn to bat and the pitcher struck him. BANG and the ball zoomed along the ground. Alamein smashed over base one who was In his way. Base ones parent yelled at Alamein. You're not supposed to ****** run straight into my sun ***** *****. He didn't say something nice.

“Side away” the ump yelled. I was the pitcher and I was keen to strike every one. THREE UP THREE DOWN. “Strike!!!” the umpire yelled. I said to myself “that's one strike”. I k’d that batter. It was the angry man's son and Alamein said strike him out, I replied “I sure will”. “Ball” the umpire said. Ball again. Strike he yelled, and Alamein was happy as he said “push for two more strikes”. Strike 3. “Your out” reported the umpire.

The day was over and I was exhausted with a 15 - 3 win.

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