Monday, November 19, 2012

My favourite Brands

G shock

G Shock is a famous brand of awesome cool looking watches that I really like wearing and I even have one. I like G Shock because they are really detailed watches and they make all sorts of different types of colours. My watch Is Red and Black witch are not only my favourite colour but my mums favourite colour. They cost alot so im not aloud to wear it to school, I'm only allowed to wear it when we go out.

Nike free run

Nike free run shoes are my favourite types of running shoes. I love them because of the small tight detail. I have Nike free run+ 0.5 aka 3. The most part I love about these shoes are that they're so light that you dont even no you are wearing shoes. I have grey and red ones.


Factorie is the best clothing shop to me because they have really cool designer clothes. My favourite clothes from Factorie are Swag pants, Chinos which are like skinny jeans and there singlets and t shirts.


Vans glasses are one of my favourite types of glasses. I like them because they're really popular not only in New Zealand but also in Australia. I like white ones because when you were them they stand out on your face. They are pure SWAG!!!!! Swag is another name for cool looking.

So there are my favourite brands that I love and hopefully you research about them and see if you like them. If you do please give some feed back.

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