Friday, November 23, 2012


This is R8 HSV Maloo that is really cool. I really don't like Ferrari’s and Bugattis but I like this car because Its fast and looks awesome, especially the color. These cars are really popular for holden lovers because they are up there in the speed.

I think these cars are fast because my uncle has a R8 Clubsport which is similar to this car the Maloo. I really love going for rides in my Uncles car because it looks so cool and Its sacked on 22s, If you no what I mean. My dad and his mate made up a crew called H.V.O.C which stands for Holden V8 Owners Club. Its really cool when we all go for rides because the cars are really loud. The loudest car in the club belongs to a man called Tony. He has a SUPERCHARGED HSV Clubsport. His licence plate is called BAD REP.

The best thing I like about this car is its shape and Its speed but the dumbest thing abou the car is that it can only fit 2 people In the cab. I really love Holdens I was basically brought up with holdens and all my family has Holdens. My other uncle has one of these but I haven't been for a ride In it. But I so cant wait.

When I grow up this will be In my garage next to my EVO 7.

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lee said...

hi Dillon
That is a very cool pincher I will like to have a that car. I like your story it is very cool I will like to see you soon. ;)