Monday, December 3, 2012

Samsung galaxy smartphone mini

This is a Samsung galaxy mini smartphone that I really want for Christmas, I would like a white one because I think it looks better than a black one.

The reason why I really want this galaxy is because I have played on my mates one and I love how the phone is set up. I think this phone will be good for me because it will come in handy when I need to contact someone. I think its better than a Samsung galaxy s3.

I think this phone is better than a s3 because the s3 is way too big for your hand and makes it hard to carry around. Say you want to call someone you basically have to hold the phone with two hands. Another disadvantage about the s3 is that it doesn't fit in your pocket.

One of the coolest things about a Samsung mini is that it is holdable with one hand. Another advantage about the mini is that it can fit in your pocket. This is the best phone ever besides the Iphones.

I really do think the Samsung galaxy mini smartphone is better than a Samsung galaxy s3. If I do get a mini for Christmas I will make a post about my new favourite phone.

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