Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Music, music, music music is so important because it tells so many stories and because you can learn things all around the world. Another reason why I love music is because it keeps me company when i'm lonely (music is you only friend when you're lonely).
When I'm bored the only thing that entertains me is music. The reason why it entertains me is because it’s so energetic by the beats vocals and the chords. My favourite thing that entertains me is watching the video of the song because I get to see new places, dance moves and styles. Music helps me to clean when I don't feel like to, especially my favorite artist and songs.
My Favourite:
My favourite artist would have to be Stan Walker and Troy Kingi but my favourite rap artist is Kendrick Lamar. My Favourite song is Twinz Eastside LBC, Money Trees and Heat Wave By Stan Walker and Troy Kingi.

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