Thursday, May 10, 2012

Table Tennis


Waiting in line keen to play table tennis I said "hurry up I want a turn". Finally Kingston eliminated Kobe and it was my turn. We started with rally. If you don't no what rally is it's a quick game to see who serves the ball. I won and I knew Kingston didn't want me to serve because its hard to hit. Serving is one of the hardest jobs in playing this amazing game. My last serve and he hit the ball high in the air and I slammed it right in the centre of the table. It was GAME!!!!
When I grow up I would really want to play this sport as good as the Chinese. They are really good at these types of games, some even use nunchucks like Jackie Chan. I believe he is one of the best at this interesting sport. Here in NZ we call it TTNZ which stands for Table Tennis New Zealand. Heaps of people participate in this game, even people on wheelchairs. I would like to represent New Zealand.

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Kingston said...

Hey Dillon,
What a great blog post about Table Tennis. I didn't know that people in wheelchairs play. I really hope you can write some more story's about Sport so I can read them.