Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sport Report

A few days ago, I spotted a wonderful NRL(National Rugby League)report about the latest game between two AMAZING teams... the West Tigers and Canberra Raiders. Both teams were keen to win but unfortunately there could only be one WINNER. 

Running to play a pre season game on freshly cut grass,  Campbelltown Stadium was ready and so was the crowd! As the Raiders dropped to the ground, I said to myself, "What on earth are they doing?" I soon saw that this was all part of their warm-up as they stretched, did push ups, and prepared for...

What a WONDERFUL try by Gareth Allis when Benji passed the ball to him as he zoomed through the  gap. A couple minutes later there was another try. At half time the score was 12-10 for the Kitty Cats with Raiders finding themselves being raided! Ouch!

Who wins?

You'll have to watch the rest of this clip to see if the Raiders were able to mount a comeback or if they left the field to the victorious cats. link ......


Kingston said...

Hey Dillon,
What a cool blog post about the West Tigers and the Raiders. I never thought that the Raiders would of won. My favorite Player in the Raiders is the Fullback.


Melvin said...

Hi Dillion

I really like your feedback about the game between Raiders and West tigers it must have been a good match.


Jabez said...

Hey Dillon,
Nice report about the game of the season. I look forward to your next NRL post!

By Jabez