Monday, February 13, 2012

On the farm

On the holidays I went to my uncles farm. He has heaps to do at his farm. I go hunting , fishing , riding horses , and riding motorbikes. I love riding horses. My uncle has two horses and their names are Barney and Jake. There is a massive bush at the back of my uncles farm. Half way down and the is the beautiful creek that you can swim in. There is a big tunnel witch the water goes through. We go through it on our boggy boards.


PATRICK P said...

Hi Dillon its me Patrick here I like your blog your uncle sounds like mine but my uncle doesn't have two horses it sounds like your uncle is so cool


Marvin said...

Hi Dillon,

I can tell that you really like horses from just this little bit of writing. All you need to do is check your writing to see if it makes a bit more sense. Other than that your post is very good.


Kitiona said...

Hey Sub Dillon I like the way you put your punctuation's in your story. I didn't like the way you started your
Story. Next time try very hard to put interesting Words in you story.

Samuela said...

Hi Dillon,
I really like how put in punctuation in your story to make interesting. It looks like you had a awesome time at your uncle's. I wish I was with you to enjoy!!.

Well done mate keep up the good work!.